Monday, November 30, 2009

Well Pastel Class was good today. New member to the group Judy, looks like she has got some skills and is just looking into a new medium. Barbara Jo as expected had a number of beautiful images she had worked on this last week (talked her into giving me a couple to try and sell for her the week). Not to disappoint Anita (Stoll) our instructor/teacher/mentor/friend had an interest assignment for us to do in our off class time. She saw an article in the Pastel Journal where a woman had done the same picture 100 times. Each was done in 40 minutes and using different color schemes. The images were amazing and let her use different styles, techniques, & colors, very freeing. We are now to do the same but to a smaller degree, 40 pictures, two a week. The task is a little scary but I am there to learn. This may lead one day to some real skill ;~)

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