Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well, this is the first of forty in my Mud Pie collection. I worked on this one for an hour yesterday and today I spent 30 minutes on the second (still have a half hour to go). I remember when I first started taking this class and thought I would never be able to paint. I'm not saying I can paint now but there is a small resemblance to the picture in my last post.
Tomorrow I will be going to my sister Connie for a visit, really looking forward to it. I try to see her (and her husband Steve) at least once a month, it too easy these days to drift apart from family & friends.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow this last week went fast. Went to Pastel class today and had a great time. All of last years ladies were back and it felt like family. We are work on a forty picture project (Mud Pies), each of us must do 2 paintings a week of the same image, but each of us has selected a different picture to reproduce. I started out behind because I missed the first two weeks and then this last week I helped Mom with her craft show. I have promised to be caught up by next week (must have six paintings completed) and I think I can do it. Oh yea, we are suppose to complete each in 45 minutes to an hour. Below is the image I have selected for my 40. I will be adding a post for each my attempts.