Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well, this is the first of forty in my Mud Pie collection. I worked on this one for an hour yesterday and today I spent 30 minutes on the second (still have a half hour to go). I remember when I first started taking this class and thought I would never be able to paint. I'm not saying I can paint now but there is a small resemblance to the picture in my last post.
Tomorrow I will be going to my sister Connie for a visit, really looking forward to it. I try to see her (and her husband Steve) at least once a month, it too easy these days to drift apart from family & friends.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow this last week went fast. Went to Pastel class today and had a great time. All of last years ladies were back and it felt like family. We are work on a forty picture project (Mud Pies), each of us must do 2 paintings a week of the same image, but each of us has selected a different picture to reproduce. I started out behind because I missed the first two weeks and then this last week I helped Mom with her craft show. I have promised to be caught up by next week (must have six paintings completed) and I think I can do it. Oh yea, we are suppose to complete each in 45 minutes to an hour. Below is the image I have selected for my 40. I will be adding a post for each my attempts.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Well Pastel Class was good today. New member to the group Judy, looks like she has got some skills and is just looking into a new medium. Barbara Jo as expected had a number of beautiful images she had worked on this last week (talked her into giving me a couple to try and sell for her the week). Not to disappoint Anita (Stoll) our instructor/teacher/mentor/friend had an interest assignment for us to do in our off class time. She saw an article in the Pastel Journal where a woman had done the same picture 100 times. Each was done in 40 minutes and using different color schemes. The images were amazing and let her use different styles, techniques, & colors, very freeing. We are now to do the same but to a smaller degree, 40 pictures, two a week. The task is a little scary but I am there to learn. This may lead one day to some real skill ;~)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three days since Thanksgiving and I'm not tried of turkey yet.

The days and definitely the nights are getting colder (25 degrees last night).

I going to a pastel painting class tomorrow morning & I'm looking forward to it. The women in the class are interesting & a lot more talented then I (so there is no place to go but up).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day One of My New Blog

It's a couple of days after Thanksgiving 2009 and I'm feeling good. I don't know why but this year I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving. Usually during the holidays I feel stressed out and don't want to to be part of it. This time through I cooked most of the meal and just enjoyed myself (have I broken some secret code?). The only thing amiss was not enough family. Connie & Steve were not feeling well and Mark & Amanda went to Mark's Mom's and Patti stayed home too exhausted from Nursing School. Maybe for Christmas we will have a bigger crowd.
Some of you may be wondering why a new blog? I don't know, maybe it just easier when your not writing the code yourself and going through the publishing process. we'll see how long this lasts.